How to Know About Macaw Parrots

Scientific Name: ARA MACAO

Scarlet Macaw belongs to the Macaw Family, which consists of 17 other species of large and colorful parrots (Macaw Parrots) that are native to tropical North and South America. Macaw Family has some of the largest parrots in the world.

Scarlet Macaw is one of the most beautiful, magnificent, long-tailed bright colored parrot of them all. This large, red, blue and yellow colored South American parrot, is a member of neotropical parrots.

How to Identify a Scarlet Macaw?

Well, you don’t actually need a PhD for that. You just need to know some specific features of the bird. Scarlet macaw from beak to tail can be as long as 32-33 inches (81cm-83.82 cm). They have the largest tail in the Macaw Parrot family. The average weight of a Scarlet Macaw is about 2.2 pounds or 1 Kg. Scarlet Macaws have mostly scarlet feathers, but the rump and tail-covert feathers are light blue, the greater upper wing coverts of these beautiful parrots are yellow, the upper sides of the flight feathers of the wings are dark blue as are the ends of the tail feathers, and the underside of the wing and tail flight feathers are dark red with metallic gold iridescence. Interestingly, some Scarlet Macaws may also have greenish wings also.

Around the eyes of these insanely beautiful birds is bare white skin to the bill. Tiny white feathers are contained to the face patch.

Scarlet Macaw are very loud, and will sometimes make very loud, high throaty, squawks, squeaks & screams and sometimes even low pitched too, their loud voice helps them to send signals to their flocks miles away. An adult Scarlet Macaw has light eyes while the juveniles have a comparatively dark eyes.

Sometimes, the Scarlet Macaw is confused with slightly larger green-winged macaw (The Red and Green Macaw), which has more distinct red lines on the face and no yellow color in the wings.

Macaw Cages

Just to build or establish a large macaw cage for their inhabit to live free at all. Size and shape will matter a lot, so we have to consider before it build.


Lifespan Of Scarlet Macaw

The scarlet macaw can live up to 75 years in captivity, although a more typical lifespan is 40-50 years.

Sexing of Scarlet Macaw

Both male and female Scarlet Macaws look alike, there is no visual distinction through which one can identify a male or female Macaw. The only way of knowing for sure is, if it lays an egg your Macaw is a female. Other option is opting for a DNA test of your Macaw Parrot.


This beautiful Macaw can be found Southern Mexico to Peru, as well as Bolivia, Eastern Brazil and the Island of Trinidad. They prefer to spend their time in tall, deciduous trees in forests and near rivers, usually in large, noisy flocks.

The Scarlet Macaw’s habitat is divided, and this beautiful flying creature is for the most part kept to little populaces scattered all across Middle America. However, as despite everything they breed in vast numbers over the majority of their original range in South America, the species is grouped by under minimum concern by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources).


Scarlet Macaws can eat nuts, leaves, berries and seeds from the rain-forest. Their strong, hooked beak breaks through the hard shelled seeds and nuts dislodging the nutmeat with their blunt muscular tongues. The beak also serves as a third foot as the Macaw climbs about in trees searching for seeds, as well as fruits, flowers, and leaves. One very interesting fact is that, they can eat even those fruits which are toxic enough to kill other animals. One species, the Blue and Gold Macaw (Ara Ararauna), has been recorded eating at least 20 species of plants, including many that are toxic for Humans. In Manu National Park, Peru, the members of the 5 Macaw species converge by the hundreds at mineral-rich riverbanks to eat clay, that helps them to detoxify the compounds in their diet.

Breeding of Scarlet Macaw

As most of the other Macaws, Scarlet Macaws mate for life, nesting from January through April in the holes of dead canopy trees. Females lay up to two-three white eggs per clutch in an year inside a tree cavity. Female macaw incubates the eggs for about 5 weeks, and the chicks start flying from the nest, about 90 days after hatching, they preen each other and their offspring for hours, cleaning bugs from their feathers. Their offspring leave their parents about an year later. Juveniles reach sexual maturity at 5 years of age.

Scarlet Macaw Predators

As grown-ups Scarlet Macaws may escape most predation by prudence of their size and flight. Baby Macaws may be taken from the nest by arboreal predators, for example, snakes, monkeys, and other little carnivores. Grown-ups and babies might likewise be taken by big cats, for example, panthers, jaguars and by eagles and falcons.

Are Scarlet Macaws Endangered?

Numerous Macaw species are presently endangered in nature. While the Scarlet Macaws aren’t an endangered species as of now, they are still at danger because of a blend of components. They confront environment misfortune through deforestation, and get captured from the wild for pet exchange.

Macaws are friendly species, still they face threats in the form of their habitat getting destructed or/and in the form of becoming a mere product to earn money.

Prévenir Hemoroide

N’importe quel type de pression exercée sur l’anus ou de la zone anale peut causer des hemoroides. Minuscules veines entourant le rectum deviennent enflammés et une hemoroide est né . En réduisant la pression exercée sur l’anus, nous pouvons réduire la possibilité d’obtenir ce qu’on appelle hemoroide. Il ya quelques choses de base que vous pouvez faire pour modifier légèrement votre style de vie afin de réduire le risque de développer des hemoroides douloureuses.

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Certains aliments qui sont riches en fibres comprennent: les céréales, les aliments riches en son, les fruits et légumes.

Les aliments transformés peuvent être commode, mais ils provoquent aussi des selles de dures en raison de leur manque de fibres. Ces aliments vont augmenter votre risque d’hemoroide et doivent donc être évités.

Si vous vous sentez que l’augmentation de la quantité de fibres dans votre alimentation est difficile de simplement modifier votre alimentation, il existe des produits de fibres disponibles sur le comptoir de votre pharmacie locale qui ramollit les selles. Ces produits viennent généralement en poudre ou sous forme de pilule. Si vous ne savez pas quel type serait le mieux pour vous, contactez votre médecin ou votre pharmacien pour obtenir des conseils médicaux.

En plus d’ajouter des aliments riches en fibres à votre alimentation, vous devez également augmenter votre consommation d’eau. La règle d’or est de boire 8 Verres d’eau par jour. L’eau va relâcher vos selles provoquant à nouveau moins de pression sur les muscles de l’anus et de diminuer le risque d’avoir hemoroide douloureuse.

images7Changez vos habitudes de toilette . Ne pas attendre jusqu’à ce que vous sentez comme vous avez vraiment y aller. Mettre hors d’aller à la salle de bains se donner de votre temps de selles pour durcir en attendant dans vos intestins pour être expulsé . Les causes de selles dures a augmenté de poussée qui provoque à son tour annuler le stress à l’anus qui augmente votre risque de développer des hemoroides.

La salle de bains peut être la seule fois seulement que vous pouvez obtenir. Cependant , à la lecture ou à rester sur les toilettes pendant de longues périodes alors nécessaires pour prendre soin des affaires peut mener au développement des hemoroides.

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Side Effects and Interactions

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